Eastriding Kelly Jenkinson Judge (1)Eastriding’s owner Kelly Jenkinson is a qualified UK Kennel Club Accredited Championship Show judge and enjoys judging on the continent under FCI regulations.

Kelly recently passed an examination on ‘Breed Standard & Judging the Cocker Spaniel’ whilst attending the Cocker Spaniel Breed Education Seminar run by The Midland Cocker Spaniel Club.

Continuing her learning, during April 2016 she attended a Italian Spinone seminar for beginners in judging held by the Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain.  The seminar was hosted by Nicola Spencer of Brannonbrigg Kennel.


Kelly Jenkinson is judging at the following shows:

Pollard Canine Society

Taking place on 25th September 2016 at Horizon Community College, Barnsley.  Kelly will be judging:

  • Labrador
  • English Setter
  • AVNSC Gundog
  • Gundog Group

Recent events with Kelly Jenkinson as judge:

Kelly Jenkinson judges at Derby Canine Society Open Show

Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show

Eastriding owner Kelly Jenkinson judges in Finland