Eastriding’s Freya appears on TV supporting genome project

Freya on TV

Photo shows Freya’s appearance alongside Lesley Bloomfield. (Photo thanks to Lesley Bloomfield)

The Animal Health Trust (AHT), a charity fighting disease and injury in animals is the home of the Kennel Club Genetics Centre. The AHT are working to create the UK’s largest canine genome bank to help generations of dogs.

The project is called Give The Dog a Genome and aims to establish a genome bank which over time will improve dog health by radically increasing the understanding of the canine genome. They aim to sequence the entire genomes (all 2.4 billion letters of DNA) of 50 different dog breeds by the end of 2016.

Eastriding’s Freya (Hollivera’s Verona with Eastriding (Imp Swe)) appeared on The Cruft’s Program on More4 on Friday 11th March alongside Lesley Bloomfield who was promoting the project.


After the show Lesley commented, “Thank you Kelly Jenkinson and especially Freya for supporting me on my brief appearance on More4 tonight. Please give a hug to the gorgeous Freya for her patience, beauty and showing off the wonderful character of our versatile Breed.”